Seller's Guide
Seller's Guide
As a rule the sellers often overlook the importance of first impressions.
The first printing of a buyer is critical, look at the outward appearance of the housing and how it fits in the neighborhood!
Make sure the outside is well painted, that the garden is well maintained. In the sector Director, appearances mean so much.
What better way to define the property your addition to make it attractive at first sight?
-Cross the street from your House, turn around and take a look for your House, the facade for example and predunte yourself if you're impressed with what I see!?
Adopt a buyer behavior and see if he will make a good impression when you come with the BPALGARVEREALTY see your property!
These details determine the value of your property, and conducting business.
So are some tips and decomentos needed to sell:
-Cleaning and organizing
-Fair price
-Differentiate yourself from your neighbors
-Never offer your property at a lower price, especially when invested in your rehab and decoration.
(However, it is important that your price is not out of the curve when compared with other properties in the same area. Put yourself in the buyer's place and make sure that for the price you're asking would be with this property taking into account the available supply).

-Building Book;

Plant Location;

-Use license;

-Certificate of Content;


-Plant of fraction;

-Energy Certificate


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